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Truth is stranger than fiction.

Kelly Marie
24 September 1990
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I love to live.

I navigate primarily by means of creek paths and railroad tracks.

My interests include eating, sleeping, breathing, and every little thing that comes my way in between.

I live here. And I went to school here, but I dropped out. Now I go to school here, where I happily take ceramics and other non-academic classes.

I can ride a bike and pick my nose at the same time.

I usually find myself only sleeping to dream.

No one will ever know what it's like inside my head. I'm terrible at putting things into words. I can't explain anything, and I'm a lousy teacher too.

Nothing grosses me out anymore.

Pictures = LIFE. I'll show you a picture of you before you even knew I took one, because pictures that don't know they're being taken have the best stories to tell.

I'm a test tube baby.

I'm picky.

I make wishes at 3:33, I play slug-bug, and chances are that I've either put something bad on your team, or put you on someone else's.

I grind my front teeth when I'm mad.

I'm a very very good listener, not much of a talker. I'll take in every word you say and not interrupt.

I am strong-minded, opinionated, and headstrong. I'm pretty insightful, and sometimes deep.

...If you don't know me already, then maybe you shouldn't.

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